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Spy Camera Hat

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Bluetooth Paper Speaker Earphone Cap

World’s slimmest paper speaker made of high quality electronic components.Hi-End sound quality.Global patented.Splash proof and sweat poof, suitable for sunny day or rainy day.Bluetooth-built-in design allows you wirelessly listen to the music and answer the call. A stylish earphone can be plugged into 3.5mm connector for answering calls in private.Health conscious with high quality stereo sound protect you from hearing damages.Weary free, different from ordinary earphones that might hurt your ears.200 hours stand-by time and 8 hours operating time when the battery is fully charged.Allow you to share favorite songs with the people around you.Paper speaker can be shaped to fit any design of the cap.Easy to clean.Make wearing eye/sunglasses easy.

3.0 USB Express Card

Compliant with USB 3.0 Specification REV 1.0Compliant with USB 3.0(5Gbps), USB 2.0(480Mbps) and USB 1.1 (12 Mbps) SpecificationSupport USB legacy function.Support Express Card TM Standard REV 1.0Support External Power socket in order to supplier power for each USB 3.0 Connector up to 900mA Max/port.Compatible XP/Vista/WIN 7

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